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    i have had a weber genesis for 19 yrs now and only thing that i have done is replace the brill with cast iron to hold the heat better best investment ever!
    i want it to die so i can finally buy a new one in peace

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    My wife wants a grill with a rotisserie (she likes chicken) but I want one that is easy to clean. Is there such a grill ???

    There is nothing worse than uncovering the grill in spring and trying to get off all that burnt on grease.

    Yeah I know clean it in the fall or after each meal but it's always a hassle no matter when you clean.

    I tried porcelain coated but the porcelain pits and peals off and the underside of the hood is just.........

    Is the all stainless steel any better ???


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    Check out the Makers-Mark stainless steel grills at COSTCO. After many different grills, both charcoal and gas that all began to rust after a couple of years, I got tired of cleaning, scraping and painting. I got online and did a considerable amount of reasearch, talked to everyone I knew who had used a certain grill for at least two years and instore looking, I finally setteled on the above mentioned grill. It is manufactured in California by Nex-Grill for COSTCO who puts their own, Makers-Mark housebrand name on it. It is, excepting the burners wich are brass, made from heavy gauge stainless steel. Has a pull-out grease catching drawer, rotisserie with infared burner, four grill burners and one side burner for pot. I use this thing all the time. I never clean it after cooking. When I go to cook, I spray down the flat surfaces with a good disinfecting kitchen cleaner such 409, wipe it off and then light all four grill burners, turn them on high, close the lid and wait for the smoke to stop, usually about ten minutes, open the lid, take a wire grill brush and brush the ashes from the cooking surface, adjust the burners, give them a lite spray with cooking oil and put on my food and cook. Once in the spring and once in the fall, I take my pressure washer and give it a real good cleaning. Four years now and not a single problem. Gave a little over
    $1-K for it, would not $5-K for it if I could not get another just like it. This is coming from a guy who uses his grill 5-7 times a week.

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    If i had to go with gas, i go with Char-Broil. But i usually use a Brinkmann Smoker. Charcoal is the only way to go. That and some old chopped up oak barrels from Jack Daniel's for smoke, cant beat it.
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    i'm going to the dark side.
    i am a charcol guy. i have always used weber kettle grills. the old kettle is beat up so its time for a new grill.
    i am just getting tired of burning 5 or 6 dollars worth of charcol to make 4 hamburgers.

    i will be heading to the depot tomorrow to sell my soul to the gas devil.(maybe)
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    you will enjoy the dark side (gas) for those quick meals of burgers, chicken breast or hot dogs. Its great if you have a limited amount of time to cook because your better half is dragging you to some "thing".
    Don't go cheep those $150 grills are just that. Three years then burst into flames or at least mine did. My Genesis E-310 is great. I was able to get them to lower the price because they did not have the color I wanted and the grill was changing (the gas knobs are on the front now)

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    I can't say enough good things about Weber grills. I have always been a charcoal kettle guy, but I also have a 20 year old Weber Genesis 1000 that won't die. If it ever needs a part, Weber still stocks it. It is solid as a rock, heats evenly, and is very well made. You can't go wrong with a Weber, and they are made in USA.

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    Have to laugh when I think about the structo gas grill I have had for a good 25 years .... at least. Replaced the burners once, and now I just keep it around off to the side of the deck with a full tank as a back up when I'm doing beer can chickens or for large groups. Being there is just the 2 of us we bought a small blue rino grill grill from Lowes about 4 years ago. It was cheaping and does a great job at heating up real fast being its not like heating up a large grill for 2 people. I did drill out the orfice ( not much tho ) thought I would make it a little faster

    Its nothing great and if it wasn't for the girlfriend I would have bought the unit that they had that was a little cheaper ....... she just thought it would be better getting their most expensive small grill. Looking back at it we both agreed that the cheaper one would probably have been just as good being it seemed to have a little more btuhs and we were mainly paying higher price to not have a black grill

    We sure don't seem to go thru the propane that fast now and cooking time has gone way down ....... thats a good thing

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