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    Confused Burnham Freedom FCM-120 troubleshooting

    I recommended a Burnham Freedom FCM-120 to a customer and now it is showing a "E 29" error code, In the manual it says "E 29" means that the blower fan speed has not returned to zero rpm, and it also says that a miswired fan spped harness or a defective fan could be the possible causes.
    The boiler was running fine for the past 10 or so months and now this.
    How would I test the fan to see if it is defective?? what else could cause this? has this happened to anyone else?

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    Sorry, this is not a DIY site. So we are not allowed to give out advise of this nature.

    Since answering your question in the open Residential Forums would be posting instruction for DIYers that may read this post later.

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