hey guys. i like to give my estimates on the spot, i dont have the time to drive out again, and dont want to put it in the mail. i like to sell the job face to face. i am saving up for 4.0, for know i use a generic program, but want to do it 100% right. i know i would be the only one in the area who does. anyway what i am asking is, how long does it take to lay out 1 home. i think the ultimate selling tool, would be to get a lab-top, and do 4.0 right at there dinner table, would this work? has anyone ever done that?? i get to many new construction jobs that need say a 2 ton, and the builder demands a 3 ton. i say no, they still insist, so it gets a 3. its rediculous. or do you guys call later with the estimte? do you think the lab-top idea would be a good one?
p.s. i know there are some people that just dont care, and want you in and out. and then some people will see you did the calculation, and tell the next company your results, but for the most part do you think it would be a plus?