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    It's easy to blame the equipment manufacture for things like the contactor, but the contactor manufacture never will get blamed. You may here someone give Rheem a good cussing but siemans, GE, Furnace, or Mars will never be cussed for not working. As for the strip heat not being connected, there could be a ton of reasons. If that is a heatpump the wire didn't look large enough for the unit and heater. It is possible the owner didn' want to upgrade the electrical or some crazy junk like that. Who Knows?

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    Ok i'll give it to you on "it was the contacotr manufacture" but maybe if rheem wasn't so hell bent on getting parts from the lowest bidder than they wouldn't have to deal with this kinda stuff.

    On the heat I checked the breaker size, load on the box, disconnect size, main electrical terminations, even inspected the main lugs on the main box, ect and there was no reason not to connect that heat I think it was a paid per piece kinda job and he droped that sucker on the curb and ran.

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    You know what I see?

    I see the line wires from the disconnect are black... not the insulation but the wires themselves... Why? Poor connections can cause more than small failures. This is not even a contactor issue.

    What is the complete model number of the unit?

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    Those contactors are crap. I have stopped using them due to the T1 lugs breaking if you "over tighten them". I didn't think I was overtightening them, I used the same torque as all other contactors but those ones are much more fragile.

    Trane has now started using those contactors.

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