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    Reading on the net Ive seen where others have had the switches melt...

    The fan runs smoothly though I have not checked amps.....and as for loose or unreliable connections....When I pulled the resistor pack out I noticed that all the connections on the plugs, male and female....were dirty and "corroded" rusted up.

    Ive cleaned the resistor pack contacts as well as I can....

    As far as getting to this switch.... the only way I could access the switch to pull the connector was to remove the radio and feel around for the latch then take my hand and bend it into a position I didnt know it would go into and wiggle and pull and pry the switch connector free.

    I took a flashlight and mirror and looked up in there to see how the switch removes but couldnt tell much.

    I used ac most of today and kept checking the wirenut connection I feels ok...

    We actually have a regular when my boss and I can get together for a few minutes I'll just see if we can turn it over to the mech... its going to need a new switch and a maybe he can get it from some salvage yard contact and install it for us.

    I just wondered if anyone had ever pulled one before....had a trick or something. Im still trying...when I got time..

    I have not stopped since 6 this morning. Till and I aint done yet...just taking a coffee break. Of course now Im home...but sometimes its harder then my day job.

    thanks for the replies...

    just thought of this.... taking my digital camera and putting it in the radio opening and snapping some pics....might be able to see something I cant when Ive got my flashlight and mirror in there.....~:>
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    There is one screw on the back of the switch next to the connector. The Ford service manual says to remove the whole assembly with all the switches in it, so I don't know if you can get at the screw or not.

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    It finally occurs to me. . .

    If the melting connector is caused by high contact impedance and is a design defect, you can correct the defect by bolting the connector together rather than depending on connector spring tension to keep contact force high and contact impedance low.
    A 4-40 or 6-32 machine screw should be just about right for this.

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