Anyone know where this located on a 2002 Ford van.

My blower only works on the lowest speed setting...which from my reading would mean that either the switch or the blower resistor pack is bad.

Ive been reading on the net and I see more hits about blower resistor packs being bad than selector switches being bad so Im wanting to hunt down the resistor pack and check it.

I know its supposed to be somewhere in the ducting off the blower but was hoping someone could help me pinpoint it.

I did see a wiring harness going to the blower housing itself... so Im thinking it could be it... I just hate taking things apart on a company van but I gotta get this fixed before long or I wont have a defrost.

Also, I keep reading on the net about fans being stuck on high when the resistor pack goes bad but my fan is stuck on low...

Just throwing this out there in case anyone else with an older Ford has run into this problem... No biggie.... I'll just start ripping things apart in the