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    keep or change ... need a pro advise

    hello people...

    my name is eloy fernandez
    i am electronic engineer .
    not expert as most of you on AC systems.

    i am about to buy a new house in south florida.
    75-85 degrees most of the year.

    3100 sqft . Lot of windows. not oceanside, but hot as you may expect.
    2 floors.

    the house i am about to buy has 2 ac systems.
    one for 1st and one for 2nd floor. (As most of houses around here)

    the house is cool and fine inside right now.
    So i guess units are working great.

    however, as i am about to start a major remodeling work i would like to evaluate the posibility to change the AC system to avoid further problems, dirt and inconveniences. Now should be very easy to change the outside unit and the air handler unit. It has been there for solid 10 years . Is an old carrier model.

    My question is:

    * is a wise idea to change those systems now ???
    * the life spam on a typical home system as this one is over ???
    * if i change , what do you recommend ?? variable speed ventilator unit perhaps ???

    A wise advise would be so much appreciated.
    i had bad experience with AC people down here ...
    i have lost lot of money without need. So i decided to ask in this forum , as seems to be very pro-oriented people.

    my email is <No email addresses in post, please put it in your profile, thannk you>
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    Remodeling could change the heat load on the house, or individual rooms by quite a lot. As for the pros and cons of changing out your systems...

    Pro- you are starting out with a new system that you have (hopefully) had installed by a competent professional to save you on energy and comfort.

    Con- we can not see the condition of your existing system from here, and if you are not doing major changes to the heat load on your house, and if the original system was sized and installed correctly, it could last you another five or ten years.

    Here in the north I expect AC systems to last 15 years with good maintenance. Beyond that, its any ones guess. But in the last ten years the advances in comfort and efficiency make it a lot more easy to justify an new system.
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    And please see the site rules
    Remove the email address from your comment, you can post it on your profile. This is to avoid spam bots, thank you.
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    Deleted your email address from you profile. See note I left in your post.

    Life span of HVAC equipment is longer then 10 years. Depending on how it was maintained. And how close to salt air.

    May or may not be time for new equipment. Can't see your HVAC equipment from here.
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    If your going to the expense to do major remodeling work, it would be wise to hire a reputable HVAC contractor from your area to come in and evaluate your situation.

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