I have an Insinger model Trac 878. It is a tray machine in a jail. Inmates are rough on equipment. Anybody used to this machine? Can anybody help me with a jam problem?

1st call was a little over a year ago. Conveyor was setting off the jam switch. I was told it had new bushings on the drive axle. Chain looked like crap. 1/2 links are usually broke, but this one was bad. Replaced the chain and one of the conveyor glides. I went back several times to replace door magnets and work on other equipment. The machine was setting off the jam switch more and more and they finally took the chain off. Tech support was no help on it, but they were not worried about the conveyor.

Now Aramark has taken over. I have to get the conveyor running perfect (yah they are that bad). I pulled the drive axle out. It was badly grooved. I filed down the grooves and put food grade grease in when I reassembled. It ran at full speed with the jam spring at its loosest setting for 2 hours. Next week I am down there. They say it is setting off the jam switch again. I changed another glide and adjusted the conveyor tension. Ran it for a hour with a loose spring. As soon as they started running trays it jammed a couple times in a few minutes.

Now I come back with marine grease. (it is away from the water, so I am not worried about food contact.) Thought I had it this time. Next time they said it was jamming again. The spring is completely out of its socket.

Parts are coming in for the other machine that has been down a long time. I have to get this one perfect too.