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    Attic Insulation

    Just curious if going from about 1/4" blown in insulation in my attic to R-19 if there will be much savings? Have an older house and thinking about doing this before winter strikes. Is it worth the time or just wait untill i can afford r-39 as suggested? In central US

    Thanks for your help...

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    Its worth it. Depending how long it will take till you can afford to increase to R39.

    If its going to be a couple years. Add it. If its going to be next year, wait.
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    Have you asked for pricing on blown in from contractors? Shouldn't be that big a difference from 19 to 39. Make sure you have good ventilation.
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    make sure your ductwork is sealed and healthy before you blow. if someone goes crawling around the attic after insulation is blown it will compromise the R-valve.

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