I need a new dishwasher. The two requirements I have is that it is quiet and that it cleans the dishes. I currently have a bosch that I bought 2 years ago based on the fact it was rated as a quiet model and my previous bosch was quiet. The new one is even quieter, but I think thats because it doesn't actually clean the dishes. Possibly the worst $900 I've ever spent.

The problem is that they designed the machine not to heat the water in the wash mode in order to conserve energy. The heater does work. If I throw a bucket of ice in, it will heat the water back up, but only to 110 or so. During the rinse/dry cycle the water gets very hot, but by then its too late and it just bakes the food residue on.

Anybody have recommendations for a good, quiet dishwasher? I'd prefer whirlpool/kenmore, but I'm willing to consider all brands except bosch.