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    Thermostat or Furnace

    I recently had a company (Sears) install central AC in my home. They retrofit the coils to my existing furnace. They also installed a new thermostat.

    The air works great, but the heat no longer comes on. I have looked at all the wires in the back of the thermostat and inside the furnace itself. According to the manual for the thermostat - E/W1 is supposed to be used for controlling Emer/Stage 1 heating. I have no wire on this lead. Could this be the cause of my furnace not kicking on? I am fairly clever when it comes to electronics, but I don't know how it could possibly turn on if there is no control wire for the furnace.

    The wires that are hooked up are the
    (R) Red -red wire (24 V for powering the thermostat)
    (C) Common - white wire (actually it is hooked up to my furnace W post - I would think this is the control wire, but they are using it as a ground)
    (Y1) blue wire - Compressor control wire
    (G) green wire - fan control

    There is not another wire in the wall. I feel that they hooked the air up and did not have enough wires to hook up both air and heat, and rather than run a new cable that has 5 wires - they figured "It will be another 2 months before he finds out. Hehehehe (sinister laugh).

    Is there any way that the system could be connected properly using only 4 wires? From my calculations, I think that they would need a minimum of 5 to control my single stage heat and single stage air.

    I have them coming out tomorrow and would like some ammo for them. If it is a problem with the furnace, it is my dime - if it is an issue with the installation, it is on Sear's dime.

    Any help is appreciated.
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