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    New Goodman which blower motor size

    After much research, I've decided to go with a Goodman 95% (2-stage) 90K BTU furnace, which will be installed within the next week or two.

    I've noticed the 90K comes with either a 1/2 or 3/4 hp blower motor. I have poor airflow going to my master bedroom (live in 2 story 2400 sq feet - currently have a 1/2 hp motor). I realize poor airflow can be the result of poor ductwork but I just don't see how I can do anything about that.

    Would putting in the 3/4 cause any issues? Additional noise? Would it cause problems to the furnace? Thanks.

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    By putting in a blower larger motor and not upgrading the duct work isn't necessarily going to fix those problems. If the duct work isn't suppling the proper air flow now is due to under sized duct work to that particular room and by having more CFM's isn't going to be the cure all either if the ductwork can't handle the added CFM's, thought it will push the sir thru but chances are it will be very noisy and most don't like noisy ducts especially at night when sleeping.

    Your money would be better spent upgrading your ductwork to those rooms your having problems with vs. buying a furnace with a bigger blower motor, secondly you may or may not need to have the larger blower motor based on the amount of needed CFM's for the dwelling, again here it all depends on what size Furnace your home needs will determine the blower size.

    Did your installer run a load calc to size the new equipment properly or is he just replacing what you currently have now ? You might also want to consider going with 2 separate units, one for up and one for downstairs and possibly go with a vs blower motor will help solve some issues with your duct work. Thought it may cost you more to have 2 separate pieces of equipment you'll have more comfort and might help your duct work issues as well.

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    Don't forget about your AC, how much AC you need could determine what blower size you need.
    Your installer should be able to tell you.

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