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    bryant evoloution outdoor temperture sensor location

    I just had a bryant evolution sys installed with the evolution stat. Only challenge is the outdoor temp sensor gets hit with sunlight durning the afternoon and raises the out temp reading 15 degrees. does the sensor need to be located where it is on the outdoor unit, or can i extend the wire to locate it away from the sunlight?

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    Ask the installing contractor to move it. Or they czn install an additional sensor instead.
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    If there's enough slack in the sensor and you have a place close by where you can move it to a place out of direct sunlight and not be attached to the lineset.

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    The north side of the house is the best location although it is not easy to do in some installations. If your unit is located on the west side of your house moving it out of direct sunlight may not make that much of a difference. There is an extreme amount of heat that radiates off of the walls of your house.

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