Does anyone have any actual technical information besides sitting with a thumb up a nose, critiquing questions? what genius to say ‘get a qualified tech”.

No wonder the AC business has so many problems and complaints.

These people wasting time saying get a competent technical person, are either usless workers themselves, or not even ac people.

First of all techs need to be able to read. It’s been mentioned several times in these postings about the heat pump not dehumidifying, that 2 different “best of phoenix” companies with clean records can’t determine how to fix the heat pump regarding it not dehumidifying. Secondly, these are only a few questions and not all case specific.

If anyone has any real guts, instead taking cheap shots, then give a shot at the following questions if you would like:

oh, to make things clear: 2 different “best of phoenix” companies with clean records came out on a humidity question on a trane xe 1000 heat pump and could not figure out the lack of dehumidification problem and be able to fix the heat pump.

1. Any idea what would be the point of taking the txv bulb from inside the unit and placing it outside the unit on the suction line?

2. In this case I was told that the coil on the inside air handler was dry and it was not suppose to be?. That placing the TXV bulb outside the air handler in a new location would fix that problem?. Should that ordinarily fix the problem?

3. If this bulb is to blame is it letting too much Freon get in? or not enough Freon getting in?

4. There was mention about moving the bulb to a warmer spot, Does that restrict the amount of freeon? or increases the flow? Why would the suction line be considered a "warmer" spot?

5. The txv bulb normally sits on the internal part of the suction line does it not?