This train XE1000 heat pump was working great until a company came over to do a yearly maintenance. They claimed it needed over 2 pounds of Freon and supposedly added the Freon. Trouble ever since!

Since then the air will pull down cool, for instance 72, BUT, it is Extremely humid INSIDE the house. For instance, Outside humidity at 7% and inside the house at about %50. Its really uncomfortable.

I know its incredible but the situation is escalating. Another company came out to take a look. The guy swore that the txv/expansion valve was not working per superheat/subcool blah blah. He said it could cool but not pull out the humidity.

The he took the bulb at the end of the TXV, pulled out from the unit -still attached, and re-seated it outside on front of the air handler on top of the suction line (the large line in front of the air handler, I think that is a suction line?)

He peeled back the insulation, stuck the bulb on the cold suction line with a clamp and then covered it all up. It looks way worse then it sounds. The worse part is the humidity has gotten even worse.

What does this bulb have to do with the heat pump not dehumidifying? This was suppose to be one of the best companies in town. I am not even sure if these characters smelled like beer. Does it make any sense what they did with TXV bulb?

The technician said at one point the coil on the inside air handler was dry and it was not suppose to be. That placing the TXV bulb outside the air handler in a new location would fix that problem.

If this bulb is to blame is it letting too much Freon get in? or not enough Freon getting in?

He said something about moving the bulb to a warmer spot, Does that restrict the amount of freeon? or increases the flow?

The suction line is cold, how could the suction line be considered a warmer spot to connect the txv bulb to? He put no insulation between the bulb and the cold pipe/suction line. Its just clamped right on to the pipe.

When the txv bulb is where its suppose to be, inside the unit, where is it initially clamped to? The suction line runs externally in front of the air handler and runs through the internally into the air handler? the txv is attached to the suction lines internal part?