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    Newb with Questions

    Hi. I've been reading for months, finally joined last month. Now as time for spring course selection comes up I have some questions regarding my best course of action.

    From what I've read here, even with either certs or an associates I will still be hired on as a 'helper' by non union shops and the union will have me start all over again as well trade/payroll wise. That said, would the best course of action be to look into the Helper type positions with the national chains here in my area and go to school part-time/one or two classes at a time while I learn the craft, or continue with school full time and get it out of the way {I have a living stipend from the GI Bill but it doesn't actually cover living expenses} then look for a helper type position?

    Also, because my wife is a Dave Ramsey follower and likes to plan our budget down to the last dime, what would I be looking at in terms of starting wages in a 'helper' position in the Indiana and/or North Carolina markets? *rough estimate of course* Indiana is our current state of residence but my wife's career field is much more open and thriving far better in North Carolina than here, even in the current economy.
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