Tattoo vs. long hair.

I view them differently, and I think it runs deep in the psyche.

One I see as resistance on a benevolent level, while the other I see as branding on a semi-tribal, level. Owners have always branded property. In the case of other humans, either forcibly or to prove acceptance ... Never made them grow hair, as far as I know. The same way they tattoo a purebred's ear, this proves acceptance into the fraternity of Pugs or Schnauzers.

Independence vs. acceptance. Almost like the Left vs. Right thingy... again... eh?

Personally, I want the person who knows their stuff or is willing to learn hard and fast. I run a business... not your life. You are here for a reason. Once YOU forget that, I have to put aside my daily work and take on more... That's when I start thinking long and hard about the person I hired.

Then again... Gandhi didn't have hair, now did he...