Hello. I have recently purchased a wood pellet stove that has a 2-wire thermostat connection on the back. I currently have a thermostat in my kitchen that controls the natural gas heater in the basement. We have been running the pellet stove for the last few nights and manually turning on the thermostat to use the returns in the house to move the warm pellet stove air and heat the house. It's working great. So great that it's actually too warm in the morning! My question is can I run a wire to the current thermostat and use it to run the pellet stove and still automatically kick on and off the fan when the pellet stove runs? I know its a low voltage stat and so it the pellet stove. I also know that the stove needs to use the R and W terminals on the stat to work, but when I disconnect the current R and W wires the fan obviously does not turn on when I throw the switch to "Fan On." Can I run the stove and heater in parallel and leave the heat/ac switch in the off position and the fan in the auto position? Thanks very much for your help and let me know if you need more information. -Neal