...and I'd love to hear from you guys since you're the experts!

Basically, I'm looking at replacing one or two units in a two-zone house (one definitely has to be replaced -- it's dying -- but since both are the same age I might do it all at once).

I hear Trane isn't what it used to be -- and that it uses the same parts as everyone else. Is that true? I always figured it to be the Rolls Royce of AC units.

Dealer I'm talking to says Rheem represents a good value and Goodman an event better value, especially since they can sell me a 10-year warranty with the Goodman. From the little bit of reading I've done online, I've seen quite a few negatives with Goodman, though.

If any of this matters, I live in South Florida and the ACs are used just about 11 months of the year.

The dealer I'm talking to may carry other brands, but those are the three he mentioned. I could shop with other dealers, too, though I do like this company. They told me to stay away from Carrier (which is what I currently have).

Again, any thoughts would be appreciated