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    Another school project

    Hi guys! A question came up today in the class about a system pump down. Closing the high side service valve while running the system and trapping the ref in the condenser, before opening the system. I was wondering, how common is this procedure as oppose to complete evacuation?

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    If service you have service valves pump it down, recovery takes much longer.

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    If you are doing a repair that doesn't require the complete removal of the refrigerant, then yes it's easier and faster. In a situation like this, I won't even bring out the recovery machine, just pump it back into itself and make sure the valves hold it all back. Cuts down on amount of nitrogen to pressure test and the time it takes to evacuate, as well. On the other hand, if the valves leak when they're front seated, then you have just wasted a few minutes and now have to drag out the Appion and the recovery tank.....

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