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    I'm getting ready to take the test with the locals here where I live. I have 2 points for reckless driving that won't drop off for another year or so. Will that affect me getting on board with the UA? One non union potential employer told me their carrier said I was ok and I'm waiting to take their test as well. If I score high enough I will be invited to their apprenticeship program.

    It shouldn't have any effect with respect to union membership. Where a driving record becomes a problem is usually how an employer's insurance company reacts to the violations against your license. Keep in mind that even though you might have violations most insurance companies will not disqualify you as an operator of a company vehicle if you take an approved drivers class.
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    Thanks for your reply Joe. I'm hoping to get on board with the UA instead of a non-union shop. I have training and some experience with HVAC already, also have extensive mechanical experience with electrical motors, do UA locals take that into consideration?

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