I only have a few weeks to decide if I should install a geo system or not.(had our first major frost this am) live in south central minnesota, clay soil.
I am getting three quotes, 2 are in. First contractor wants to do horizontal BORING for the loop fields about 8 feet deep, the other wants to do horizontal EXCAVATION at 10 feet deep. Both will be 800 feet of loop per ton , Contractor one wants to use a two stage copeland , number two wants to use thee same 2 stage compressor, 4ton econar system. I am concrened about old foundations, rocks, debris etc. with the boring method. I am also concerned about effecieincy of the loop tubes being in contact with the ground which apparantely helps with energy efficiency.
Could anyone help with information.
The excavation method is more money than the boring method.
Thanks for any information.
Sept. 30, 2009