-I have a question on the oil seperator heaters. There are 2 chillers side by side only 18 months old. None of the 4 heaters are working. Contactors pull in and 115 volts to heaters. Does anyone know if there are thermostats on the heater pads themselves. I haven't taken off the heaters yet and wiring doesn't indicate a thermostat. Just odd that all 4 would be bad.

- Same question on the chiller bundle heaters. One is working but the other chiller they are not. Each bundle has 2 seperate heat tapes and they both read open at the j box. Is this a common problem on these.

- One more question on the Touch Pilot Display. One chiller has a blank tab where the hours should be. Went into config menu and set up the parameters like the other working one but still blank. Thanks for any ideas.