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    My company is issuing netbooks instead of regular laptops. I was wondering if anyone else out there is using them. The size is a little hard to get used to but all in all it's actually kind of convenient. Not to mention they are about half the cost which is good for a bunch of mechanics who can't even seem to make a cell phone last a year. Anyone else using them, any problems?

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    I've been using a 9" Dell that is working out ok. Like you said, a little difficult getting used to the smaller keys and less of them.

    Mine does not have a disc drive, so I bought one from Radio Shack that was obsolete just to be able to load discs onto the thing without having to copy them to sticks. The disc drive cost me $30 and it's bigger then the computer.

    It's really nice for those of us who have to fly coach and don't have room for even a regular sized laptop., and ye shall find;..
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    We have Two eePC's and they're great. You are Correct the keyboard is a little smaller but you'll get used to it.

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