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    Johnson Metasys Training

    Looking for some advice/suggestions on getting traing on metasys.


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    Hmm Which "Flavor" of "Metasys"

    Can you be a little more specific ?
    "Metasys" is sort of a blanket term. If you want to know about a Buick and you ask about General Motors that would be similar question.

    Tons of people here can enlighten on...... MSEA,NAE's,FCU's,NCM's,N30's, FX's, CPN (if you don't recognize it don't ask), ASC's, FPU's, JC8540 (that was before they lernt acronims) and the list goes on.

    Johnson Controls Institute has some great classes but you need to choose wisely cause they are a bit pricey unless thay do them in your home town
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