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    Help me understand

    We just purchased a new house with a gas fireplace. In order to light the fireplace, the pilot light must be turned on and lit, and a light switch must be turned on. Seems like a lot of work to light the fireplace....and living in Texas I really don't like the thought of having the pilot burning for 350 days a year.

    In our previous home, we just turned a key near the fireplace which released gas and we used a long match to ignite.

    Why is there a difference? Is there a way to make our current fireplace situation as easy as our old one???


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    Lighting your new really isn't that much trouble. It is much safer than your old system because it has something called the pilot safety shutoff system. If the pilot ever goes out, it will shut off all gas to your pilot in less than a minute. Your old system may have been easy to light, but it was VERY unsafe and could have caused your whole house to explode if someone accidently left the valve in the open position..

    Once you light the pilot and the gas valve is in the "ON" position, all you have to do is flip the wall switch. You can leave the pilot burning during your cool season and turn it off once it gets warm. It is perfectly safe to leave the pilot burning. Depending upon the gas prices in your area, the cost may be very little.

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    So once the switch is flipped and gas is flowing, how is the size of the flame controlled? Before I could also control this with the key.

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    There may or may not be a control to adjust the flame height. Some gas fireplaces do not have an adjustable flame. There will be a knob near the main control knob on the gas valve that should have a hi-low indication if it is adjustable. THe make and model would go a long way telling us how to point you in the right direction.

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    there are plenty of fireplaces with electronic ignition

    which only requires touching a button

    i don't know about any upgrade kits available for yours

    so you probably better learn how to use what you got


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