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    ACAA Membership/ Professional Organizations

    I'm still a fairly new AC Contractor in Florida. State Certified and the whole nine yards. Been running my business for about a year now and was looking into joining the ACAA. Just wondering if anyone else is members and is it worth the $450? Right now I'm still a one person company out doing my own thing. I take care of my customers and pull permits on all change outs or work that requires it. Not some local hack job. I'm usually the one that gets called to fix those jobs!

    Any other organizations worthwhile? Like local Chamber of Commerce.

    Looking to eventually grow my company and expand from here. Just moving slowly. Going from technician to business owner is a bit different and I have had a lot to learn with running the whole business. Have done very well for the year and all with cash. Don't owe anybody a dime for anything including trade accounts.

    Just looking for ideas and if these organizations are really worth the money they cost to join.


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    Other than the discounts ACCA is ok but a little too polical for my blood. The most supportive organization that I've become a part of is NCI...check them out, they are great!

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    Yes to ACCA ,but be sure your local,if any, is a part of the only National.

    Many association in Florida,ACCA in some form of their name,but only one is affiliated with ACCA National. Check here;

    Also join while on this site,tell them Dave Hutchins sent you.

    Annual meeting is in Florida every three years ,coming to Tampa,March 7-9,2010 , so now's a great time to join,and attend and learn something new.

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