I spent all evening trying to load Windows Live Messenger on to my daughter's computer last night only to be disappointed. She had Messenger up to last week, then a pop-up told her she had to upgrade.

She pushed the upgrade button.

That's when the fun began... of course.

I can download the Windows Live Program from Microsoft, even choose what I want to install, but when it starts loading the Messenger, with all the extras, it stalls at around 55-60%. If I try to load the Messenger by itself, it stalls at 97%.

Any ideas? I'm not positive, but it almost seems like this problem is tied to a windows block program, which I have had no luck shutting off either >

Please help a poor guy get his nagging daughter (Daaaaddd, when are you going to fix my computer...Daaaaadddd, is it working yet?... Daaaaddd!) off his back