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    NFL drops the ball in Detroit

    are they ignorant or can't afford the season tickets,and they get 40,000 and then the blackout rule kicks in...and they finally win.the FORDS could of sucked it up and allowed the game to be on.does blackout mean cable also,or just the local channels like CBS and FOX?
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    the Black out rule has no thing to do with the induvial owner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pilotlight View Post
    the Black out rule has no thing to do with the induvial owner.
    Yes and no. In this case, I think the OP meant that the Fords could have picked up the additional tickets and had the blackout lifted.

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    if what Jerry Jones said is correct
    and the NFL does away with revenue sharing
    there will be quite a few teams that wont be able to survive
    and will be a sad day indeed
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    Raiders are blacked out too, cause they've sucked for a long time and dont have many fans..... too.

    I tried to buy Broncos season tickets, and put my name on the waiting list. My e-mail responce was approx 13 yr wait.

    You may ask.... How many consecutive games have the Denver Broncos sold out?

    293 games (2nd in NFL behind Wa Redskins who have been sold out since 1967, 312 games). The Broncos streak began in 1970. The Steelers ('72, 275 games), Giants ('74, 258 games), and the Packers ('59, but only 253 games) round out the top 5.
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