Does anyone else have this problem. I'm losing bids to people who are charging 40 dollars an hour for labor! No mark up on parts, NO load calculations and barely if any licenses, probably NO insurance..

I charge (a more than fair rate EDIT) an hour per man, and a fair mark up. Fully licensed employees with Nate certification and workmans comp etc. My licensed employees make (a fair wage EDIT). Because they are hard working, very ethical and do the best gosh darn work around! What's happening to this industry. Instead of making sure we make a living people are doing crap work at cut throat prices...

Where is the code enforcement and the freaking business minded people! You can't operate a business for nothing. You have to be educated hard working and dilligent. But it seems like I can't catch a break...I mean I'm not going out of business but it's getting frustrating.

There was a story I heard once, a man takes his car to the mechanic. Says it's making a bad noise. Mechanic listens for a minute walks over grabs a hammer and hits the car. The car quits making noise. Mechanic charges the man 105 dollars. The man says Hey! All you did was hit it with a hammer that's not worth 105 bucks.

Mechanic explains, well it was only 5 dollars to hit it with the hammer. 100 dollars to know where to hit it.

You have an education for a reason don't you?