That's all that's on the local news...2016..yada yada yada

Chicago vs Rio vs who cares..

For those of you that wonder if the corruption in the City of Chicago is as bad as is reported..YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!!

I don't amount to a pimple on a hair on a gnats patootie. I have only been involved on the periphery of (2), that's right, 2, deals with Chicago.

The scams on top of scams on top of ruthless scams was staggering!!

I've done work for suburbs, and it usually amounted to "We don't want low bid guy, he does crappy work, we know you do good work so here's what ya gotta do." It was always about getting the best quality work and avoiding the low bid hackery.

Chicago is just out and out, line-my-pockets, we don't care about stinkin' quality, where's my money, greed.

The stories my Chicago customers tell me...out and out ruthless stuff that I don't know how some people sleep at night. If Chicago "wins the bid", the thievery will be mind boggling!