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    Majestic propane fireplace high low setting

    I am a first time owner of a propane fireplace. My question is this.

    The control knob has a high - low setting on it. However when the stove is lite the flame stays the same regardless of the setting. The manual states that Models RN/RP are equipped with a flame adjustment. This model is a IRFSDV32TP. WHY WOULD THEY INSTALL A CONTROL KNOB WITH HIGH/ LOW SETTING IF THIS IS NOT ABLE TO DO SO?????.

    Or is the control knob malfunctioning???

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    Make shure propane is full, tank is big enough to manufacturer spec, piping is sized to btu, and sometimes some models do not have much of an adjustment. Call the shop that sold the unit and have it checked.

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    I worked on a Napolean stove today and had the owner ask me the same thing.

    I read the instruction book and it stated that "... little difference will be seen with propane..."

    might check your manual and see if it states something similar.

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