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    Who has wrecked their work truck?

    Last Monday I got into an accident.It was early in the morning.I just didn't have time to stop and rear ended
    a lady.I feel freaking bad.The anti lock breaks preformed just like they were designed however I just kept rolling.I wasn't going very fast cause the airbags didn't deploy.
    Up to now I have a pretty great work record but never the less that's all for nothing now.The owner ripped me a new one.I feel like he removed all the bone Marrow from my entire body.His son the CEO just return from a 3 week vacation from out of the country.He didn't find out until Thurs night.I can't believe that I didn't loose my job.
    Relax, all right? My old man is a television repairman, he's got this ultimate set of tools. I can fix it.

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    my first one i blew the engine...2ed one i got T-boned and took out the pole holding up the signal lights (shut down the entire intersection) 3rd one i was directed to go around city maintenance vehicle..and scraped the entire side of the truck because the city bus did not think he should have to wait for me. (scrape a city pick up and my van or have a bus plow into me) If u lost your job because of ONE mistake it sounds like u work for an ass....**** happens. If you where on your 3rd accident that was your fault then there is a problem

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    Sorry to hear that...

    The worst I've done is forget to throw the parking brake on my cart...found it in the retention pond after lunch. Even the boss thought that was a hoot.
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    the fact that you didn't get fired speaks volumes for the type of employee that you are... hold you head up and let it go.

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    only one for far...

    i was in phoenix az durring rush hour going about 45 bumper to bumper...reached down to crank up the a/c, looked up and about 30 feet ahead was stopped brakelights. i was in a 98 chevy 3/4 ton service truck. follow the lugnut rule...i smashed not only the car in front of me but the 2 cars in front of her as well. boss showed up and all he said was "thats what insurance is for. dont do it again." the next day i moved my stuff into my first brand new service truck. it was my all time favorite. 03 chevy 1 ton. anyway sincce then ive had 4 brand new trucks. im now in alaska and have more to worry about than brake lights so im a much safer driver now. never the less it will happen again someday i just hope its not my fault when it does. a good mechanic and "big" problems wont matter much. whats a $50k service truck for a guy that makes you 300k in a year? makes such things more like an investment rather than an expense. but then some bosses are not intelligent enough to see things in such a light. the fact that you care shows alot about who you are.

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    Two years ago, got a new truck. Couldn't see behind me very well because the side tool boxes were taller than my old truck.

    At one place, I had to pull off the road, and drive down a barely-there path through the woods to get to the the closest door to carry my tools in. When I was done, I had to back out of this winding path and couldn't see very well. Went ridiculously slow and made it out of the woods without a scratch.

    Knowing I was now in the clear, I sped up and slammed into a telephone pole I couldn't see between the woods and the curb.

    The damage wasn't too bad. Body shop pulled the bumper out and made the tail gate work again for $150 and now it's not a new truck anymore.
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    I backed into a huge concrete ballard about two months ago. It was 11:00pm and I was 2 hrs from home after working a 16 hour day. I didn't get to pissed because some poor guy had just driven 1.5 hours to fix the cooler I had just got done repairing. Apparently the manager didn't tell anybody I was on my way and so they call someone else and when I showed up they just assumed I was the guy they called.

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    I pulled between two concrete columns one day to get a round some losers who wouldnt move their cars. I was watching the people walking around on the passenger side of the van and wasnt paying attention to my side...which was where the columns were.....I ran up onto one and ate up the side of the van.....probably did more damage pulling off the column.

    Ive hit a deer...still got the caved in...not bad on the front quarter panel....and Ive had a few dings etc...

    Had to go up on a mountain to a tv tower a couple of weeks ago and one of my shelves broke its beat a dent into the side panel of the van behind the drivers seat.... nothing I could do....went into a drop off in the road and that shelf broke loose and just rocked back and forth a few times....dang near beat a hole thru the panel.

    bungeed it to the cage and shot some big screws back into the brackets...

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    Deer love me.

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    I can tell huge stories about what my guys have done to service trucks.

    I have only completely torn one guy up, he pulled into our parking lot like a maniac and slammed into my service truck with his, got out and told me I should have put more salt down, should have fired him on the spot!

    I have had a guy almost total a new truck, my only words were I am glad everyone is OK. It was a bad one and not his fault.

    Your boss may be worried about being sued, I was sued by non other than Sam Bernstein over an accident an employee had, they got almost 200k from my insurance carrier.

    It's a touchy subject!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dowadudda View Post
    Deer love me.
    Get deer whistles. Got 'em on my personal truck, and never have had a problem. My father-in-law, who drove a semi for years, swore by 'em. Just be sure to take 'em off before you drive out to your favourite hunting spot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by My77GMC View Post a good mechanic and "big" problems wont matter much. whats a $50k service truck for a guy that makes you 300k in a year?
    Makes him $300,000, or grosses him $300,000???

    There is a BIG difference.
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    I backed into the shop door once, does that count? When I was in the van I could back up until the back tire touched the concrete ramp in front of the door and that would give enough clearance between the van and the door. I swapped over to the box van and tried to do that without thinking much of it. The new truck had a little more overhang than the van and hit the door. I kicked the door back into shape except for a dent where I hit it. Nothing was ever said.

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