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Thread: Amana or York?

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    Amana or York?

    I'm debating between AMV90704CX ($ CAD including install), Amana Distinctions GMV950704CX ($ CAD including install) and York TM9V 60k BTU ($ CAD including install and I'm yet to get the exact model id).

    The main features I'm looking for:
    - reliability
    - noise
    - the right size

    Both Amana's were offered by a major company in the Toronto area. The York was offered by another reputable contractor in the area, so this is for me an even score (although I tend more to the York contractor because it seems to me they should be more qualified because the unit is more complex, I may be wrong though). What bothers me the most is that the 2 contractors (and another 2 I have spoken with) did not use any Manual J or whatever formula for calculating the right size. All of them were just interested in the size of the house (2000 square feet) and the size of the old furnace (outgoing 57k BTU). The Amana guy was dead positive that I need 70k BTU no more no less and the York guy first offered me 80k BTU with TM9X model, but when I expressed my concern about over sizing, the next model TM9V, he offered with 60k BTU. His explanation – TM9X is a one stage furnace and that’s why I need 80k BTU and TM9V is a two stage furnace and that’s why 60k BTU should be enough. Is this a logical explanation?
    Can somebody tell me how the 2 Amana’s and the TM9V compare with regards to noise and reliability? Also I’m on a very tight budget, so the Amana Distinction is the winner in this case, but I wouldn’t want to compromise on the feature I’ve stated. I would be happy to go with it if it’s reliable and quiet . I was told the main difference between the AMV90704CX and GMV950704CX is the stainless steel heat exchanger and its lifetime replacement warranty. I’m less concerned about the lifetime warranty but how important is the stainless steel heat exchanger?

    Thanks in advance for any input.
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