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    Problems with Totaline p474-1100RF Wireless Thermostat

    I have the following situation at my house that has been driving me crazy. The master bedroom is heated with forced hot air from a Fan Coil. The thermostat is a Totaline Wireless p474-1100RF. The Fan Coil and the Boilers are in different locations within the house. Two p474-1100REC receivers are used, one connected to the boilers requesting hot water circulation to the Fan Coil, the other connected to the Fan Coil requesting the blower. The receiver in the boiler room is apparently getting interference and intermittantly does not get signal from the transmitter (thermostat). When this occurs, the Fan Coil runs, but blows cold air. I turn the thermostat off and on again, regenerating the signal and the circulation pumps turn on delivering hot water to the Fan Coil. I have replaced the receiver, it did not fix the problem. I replaced the Lithium AA's with Lithium AA's, still didnt fix the problem. I have tried multiple Home Code settings, some made it worse, others did the same thing. So.... I am thinking that this Thermostat is just not engineered very well and doesnt seem to work in my house. I was reading about Honewells RedLink wireless Thermostats, in particular, the Wireless FocusPro. Does anyone have experience with this thermostat? I am wondering if RedLINK works point to multi-point, for example, one transmitting thermostat and two equipment interfaces. I checked their website but this configuration is not mentioned. I would appreciate any help, either with the Totaline or Honeywell. Appreciate it....very frustrated.

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    Yo.... Here!, I'm right here..
    WoW sounds like some high end stuff ya got there.......

    Why not just call the installing contractor back

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    I bought the house with the totaline thermostat already installed, so I don't know who installed it. Also, I prefer to attempt to fix things myself first, this way I learn and save money. My last resort will be a contractor after I have exhausted all my resources. :-)

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    Sorry, this is not a DIY site. So we are not allowed to give out DIY advise.

    Which includes what devices will work for DIY projects.

    Please read Site Rules Thank you.

    Thread closed.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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