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    Quote Originally Posted by midhvac View Post
    35 years ago when I was young and "brilliant" I got ***** slapped numerous times by a hose attached to a CO2 tank.
    So I "wised up" and replaced the hose with a piece of 1/4" copper tubing. Blew out a condenser and the copper froze to the skin on my forearm. Instead of waiting, I ripped it off my arm.

    Wisdom sure can be painful.
    it is nice to know that im not the only one that tried that. still have a scar
    that until now had forgotten what caused it.
    sure did hurt didnt it

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    Quote Originally Posted by tech110 View Post
    No, it was first thing in the morning. The guy is burned out by drugs and booze. Competent is the key word here. He is not very competent. Him and common sense were never introduced. He always does stupid crap. Last week he cut two trusses to put in a 20x20 return plenum for a 2 ton system.
    Sounds like it
    If you help others then you are a Success

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