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    One Sweet Machine

    We had an old York Chiller pulled and a Trane RTAA installed. First two days we ran on 100% outside air, and were able to get by. Start-up day the temperature steadly climbed, they had to trace down a few glitches, finally they were ready to start. I turned on the pumps, and put the AHU valves to auto. Another problem came up with loose sensor wiring. Watched the water temp. soar to 86 F. Finally they started the machine, waited till the water temp. hit 70s, put O.A. Dampers in auto. When temp. was down to 50s, went into the building and told them to close windows. Should have seen the look on their faces, thinking they were going home. One lady crossly said bosses are going around checking temperatures, highest was 78F, found them, told them to hold off, we had cooling.

    Employees looked like they wanted to string me up Still have my record of no closed buildings due to temperature.

    Chiller pulled temperature down before Start-up Tech. could get all the readings.

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    If you have any funny starting problems like "fail to make transition", check the pin connections onto the board.

    In a good well installed application, the RTAA is a good machine, but very complicated
    in ways you may not expect.

    Study the manuals.
    God Bless our Veterans

    God Bless the USA

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    They had a wire on the Evap. fluid temperature plug that wasn't making contact. BTW Trane Rep. did the start-up.
    We have several other RTTA chillers, and I love them, as long as you keep the coils clean, you have very few problems with them.
    We have a new York Screw machine, the repair estimate on it is more than we've spent on three RTAA's in the last ten years. It's leaked all the refrigerant out of a circuit, three times since new. Sightglasses on the surge tank leak when the temperature drops.

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