Our Honeywell VP thermostats always shows inside Humidity of 100% (on main display) and 99% on the "more" display. The fan seems to run almost continuously (we have a 16i something A/C and variable speed air handler by Trane). It is not 100% humidity inside, and I suspect the humidity % has something to do with the fan running essentially all the time (we have high electricity bills ). Even when we set the thermostat on "OFF" the fan keeps on running, so to save electricity in the winter (in Florida) we have to turn the switch off at the electric box in the garage. Can anyone, please, help. I have had the A/C service person here twice, and both have said that it appears to be working fine. If I call yet another one, what should I ask them on the phone to make sure they know how to fix the thermostat/AC or configure things correctly. Thanks.

P.S. When I press "more", the only things I see on the display are the 99% humidity, "done" and "cancel", no up/down arrows, nothing.