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    Ac Unit Runs Furnace Fan Won't... Not Sure If I can Ask This Here

    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for taking the time to read this. Long Story Short.... I had a friend do My AC install. He was too lazy to run a new Wire from the thermostat. When I need heat he has to switch wires on the thermostat and on the furnace. I got cold last week and decided to try and do the switching myself. Now its hot again and I need my AC back. This guy is nowhere to be found and I cant figure out which wires to switch back. I had the AC running at one point but the furnace fan wouldn't. Now I cant get anything to run. Here is a diagram to the best of my abitlity.
    o |
    b |
    rh|------Red To Furnace
    w------Green wire to furnace
    y------White wire to Furnace

    Furnace -- Lennox Elite

    Y------Red From AC
    C------White From AC
    I guess my question is what do I do with the thermostat wires to make the ac and fan work?

    Thanks if you can help.

    Jason Frederick

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    I will get in trouble for posting a DIY answer, try and google 5 wire stat hook-up. I can see easily what you have done but can not answer it here sorry.

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    You will need to hire a professional HVAC technician to come out to your house and run a new thermostat wire and connect it properly for you.

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    I'd love to but I just got layed off and am broke as a joke. Cant afford that. Didnt realize you couldnt give DIY advice on here. Oh well.. I'll keep switching wires around till something

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    Dude google 5 wire thermostat installation you will easily find what your looking for.

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    Tell your lazy arse "friend" to get his but in gear and pull you a new set of wire, and tell him he owes you a new stat for letting you screw around with it in the first place!
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    When you connect the wrong wires and burn up the control board. Will you be able to afford an expensive new control board.

    No DIY, thread closed.
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