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    Chiller Performance Monitoring and Troubleshooting Guideline

    Some of you seasoned chiller guys may not find anything new in this, but given the lack of chiller training material available on the net these days, some of the lesser experienced techs who maybe work on chillers occasionally, or who are interested in learning more about chiller maintenance and troubleshooting might find this to be a great read.

    I service only two chillers on a regular basis at present, but occasionally get called out on process chillers at some of the local manufacturing plants. I don't have any formal schooling on chillers per se, but manage to find my way around them. I'm always looking for free training manuals like this one. Happy reading. 3.07 mb, 204 pages.

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    Thank you for this info for im begining my journey into chillers going to kkt chiller school will be certified and then liebert the rest the more seasoned techs will teach us and ant info is helpful along with hands on U are Alright with me n my book again thank U

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    good reading


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