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    transmission problem

    Im going to post an automotive question here too.... because its my work truck.

    Ford van e-150 automatic...think its a 2002.

    When Im driving down the highway if I give it a little gas to accelerate it does fine. But if I need to accelerate quickly and give it a lot of gas it seems like the transmission drops into a lower gear or something..... either something is slipping or it goes into a lower gear. You can actually hear the engine putting out more power but you can also watch the speedometer fall.

    Works fine if Im easy on it...but a couple of times I have needed to get out of some idiots way and last week had to avoid a boob who was coming over onto me from the other lane.....and it really took me by surprise.

    The auto mechanic who looks at our vehicles said the clutches or something in the transmission for that gear range were slipping..... and I dont know if work is going to fix it or just let me keep going till it gets worse.

    I want to know what it is and if anyone else has had similar problems.....

    I dont want this thing to leave me stranded without any warning.


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    Get it into a tranny shop soon. If your clutch packs or bands are slipping now, it won't last long. If you have a lot of miles, it may be time to swap it out.
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    Sounds like it needs a chevy.

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    I second that motion! All in favor.........
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    Quote Originally Posted by trey r View Post
    I second that motion! All in favor.........
    EYE!!! Guy I work with is a Ford nut. Drove his truck 2 years with a weak battery. Kept saying he'd get another year out of the battery. Finally changed it. 6 month's later he's had to replace both the starter and the alternator do to overworking from the low battery. Then the engine quit and he thought he seized it up. A/C pulley bearing locked up and the engine wouldn't turn. He had to cut the bolts that mounted the compressor to get it off. Bought a new compressor but won't get it recharged because he doesn't use the A/C. Moral of the story'; the first sign of trouble get it fixed or get rid of it. The longer you wait the more it will cost.
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    Go to the site sign up and post your question on the board for your van. My van was doing the same thing and it was the "Modulator" an easy DIY part to replace.

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