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    service tech books

    anyone know where i can get troubleshooting books for service techs for bryant and keeprite furnaces? i know i can download home guides,,but isnt there specific service tech books,for these products..thanx

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    There may be something available from the mfg. Don't now of any manuals that are furnace specific that don't come from the mfg.

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    This site is a real good resource for anything you may need.

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    If I remember right Bryant and Carrier always had good wiring diagrams and sequences of operation with their equipment. Thats the best service manual I know of.

    If its a gas problem....Just might have to find some generic hvac furnace book.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smilies View Post
    This site is a real good resource for anything you may need.
    is that the internet version of getting Rick Rolled?

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