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Thread: Testing TXV

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    Testing TXV

    So the TXV bulb is taken off the line and the cabnet is closed back up with the bulb on the outside dangling. Of course it is another 70 degree mild day. Here are the readings.
    High Pressure=165
    Low Pressure=65
    Suction Temp=41
    Liquid Line=79

    Now the bulb is submerged into ice water. After about 5 minutes here are the readings.
    High Pressure=175
    Low Pressure=66
    Suction Temp=42
    Liquid Line=79

    One other observation. When you put your ear up to the liquid line you can here a change in the sound of the refrigerant flow when the bulb is submerged into the ice water.

    Is the TXV working or barely working or is it okay.

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    Calla good service company.

    I think your push the limits on DIY diagnostics.

    Thread closed.
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