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Yes we'll make the heatload calculation first. we're using the CLTD method in determining out heatload. but since our time is not enough our professor told us that we can use manual calculation on different exposure and occupancy of the building but not all since it would really take some time. so he recommended to use the area method like square meter per ton on different occupancy. After we compute or heatload can i ask for some assistance on selecting equipment? I really think its more than just matching your tonnage and cfm.. i dont know but i guess there's much more correct selection. Thank you guys for helping us! We really appreciate it. *and I'm sorry if im not always online, but I'll visit this site when I got home from school* Thanks again

Our site rules will probably prevent specific recommendations, since you are not registered here as a professional. That's why I recommended the University folks. Also, they may have better info for products used in your part of the world. Much of what we have here is different in terms of specs, requirements, voltage and Hz, etc.