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Thread: Just plain lazy

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    Shouldn't it be painted yellow?

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    Don't dis the trac pipe. It will outlast black any day and eliminate the transferrence of vibration from the furnace to the piping in the rest of the house. It is also metal from one end to the other. This was a problem with many of the hardware store gas flex connectors. Manufacturers directions on most gas furnaces recommend the use of a flexible connector for the final tie in.

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    I've never seen all copper gas pipe. That's not allowed in my state.

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    Originally posted by seatonheating
    Shouldn't it be painted yellow?
    The house should be painted yellow. It should say FLAMMABLE in large red letters on the front.

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    My pledge brother's house in South County St. Louis is all copper gas pipe. When I explained to his father that it was not only illegal, but highly dangerous, he told me, "But every single house the contractor did in this subdivision is the exact same way." Oh yeah, they were all soldered joints, too.

    I hope there is a fire house and hospital near by.
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    Re: Pic # 2

    Originally posted by James 3528
    I thought that was me over to the left in the dark background for a second.
    Dream on James!!
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    The gas company installs copper to supply new installs here in Connecticut.

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    supposed to use black pipe inside furnace per manufacturer, not flex

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    What is going to happen to the gas valve with all the carbon flakes inside that copper..Bet,that it won't last a year.

    Texas you can run copper for L.P.only. But , I haven't seen anyone here us copper gas lines for 10-15 years.

    Most of the new homes do us the Gastight flex and I like it because your not tripping over gas lines in the attic.

    It is fed to a manifold with regulator and stop and gas stop at every appliance...
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    copper pipe

    I think you have it all wrong guys! those new furnaces run on water! lol

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    copper is a fine gas vehicle.. but not hard copper and not sweat joints.. we use soft copper and flare joints all the time but inside the unit it must be changed to black iron. in a small fire the sweat joint will open and feed the fire with gas.

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    Copper can only be used with LP. Both sulfur and the odorant in natural gas cause oxidation in copper. It flakes off and clogs the screen in the valve. Worse it may get in the valve and prevent it from opening or closing properly. These problems are not present with LP. Its a completely different fuel.

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    new construction in minnesota all you will see is soft copper
    for 2lb. runs and 6in runs very few contractors use anything
    else new houses are are spahgetti runs just like the electrical
    nothing pretty about it

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