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    ARS was never owned by service experts. Servicemaster Owned ARS from 2000 till aobut Oct 2006. Then ARS went private and is owned by Capitol private investors.

    ARS and home depot do have a very good relationship. I dont know the long term plans. But ARS and home depot working together Gives each some benefits. Marketing for ARS and Better financing offerings that ARS can give to the consumer.

    ARS/Rescue Rooter- Heating, Air conditioning and Plumbing+Drain Cleaning.

    ARS of Orlando is under completely new management. Give them a try. Great folks there.

    Hopes this helps clear up a few items

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    Not sure bout what they are selling but I can tell you that HD no longer is using Trane units on their stores. After all the problems with the Voyager units they have made the decision to go back to installing Lennox units on their own stores. HD used to own a part of the Trane warranty parts co. but sold it a year or so ago.

    From a service standpoint the Tranes were like job security, Lennox not so much since they hold up better over the long run.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BaldLoonie View Post
    ARS was owned by ServiceMaster, the cleaning people. Maybe that's where you guys are thinking Service Experts.
    i think your right, must have confused the two. i do know that service master also owns american home shield.
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