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    Air Handler sweating/leaking water

    have a 3 ton carrier older model, coil cleaned right amount of freon, drain line cleaned out, lots of condensate dripping from bottom of unit vertical in garage, some condensate on cabinet as well, blower is set to high speed. im stumped not sure what to do other than buy new split system.

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    if the coil is dirty then condensate will drip down to the bottom

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    check if any insulation on the pipes is exposing the lines else open the cabinet and see any visual sign of drain pan leakage.

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    Rewind the tape, did the leak occur before the coil was cleaned or after. also does unit have a p-trap on it that could be clogged or is the pan cracked. I did not see in your post that the p-trap was serviced. Have that checked before the replacement decision

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    the leak occured after i cleaned the coil, it has slowed way down now, i have put all new insulaition on the drain pipe and the copper feeder from outside unit. I haven't checked for a crack on the coil pan though, it seems that is where the leak is occuring. as the drain pipes exit the unit. I gonna replace the whole system in the winter anyway. Any advice on what to get, I was looking into 3.5 ton goodman split, my house currently has 2.5 ton condesor and 3 ton air handler. I live in tampabay area of florida and my house is 1550 sqft.

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    Did you pull and clean the coil, or did you clean it in place?
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    You mentioned the air handler is in the garage? If it exposed to outside air, and the insulation is soaked with moisture already, then you may not be able to stop it from sweating. Need to wrap the outside of the air handler with insulation containing a moisture barrier, and keep the outdoor moist air from contacting it as much as possible. Any exposed cool surface will sweat in an unconditiioned garage.

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    Sounds like a DIY thread.

    Contact a contractor to diagnose and repair your system.
    Have a load calc done to determine proper size for replacement system. Don't guess.

    Thread closed.
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