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    We're making breakfast for the kids,getting ready for the sports on TV,etc,,,.
    I wonder how these guys/gals are doing and who, besides a very few of us and their families, really care what their Sundays are like.

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    I care.

    Support our troops.

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    i have an alarm clock that i took over there...its still set to Iraq time. when i look at it and see the time over there is brings back what they are most likely doing at that time....breakfast..prepping for a convoy, smoke break, daily card games, dinner..etc

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    One of my most prized possessions was given me by a Marine captain, a certificate of appreciation and flag that flew over their FOB in Diyala Province, Iraq. It was a "thank you" for sending DVD recordings of a weekly Bible study I do that they used for their own services. That started when I had a friend in the Air Force stationed in Kuwait that did not have a base chaplain. A little disconcerting when they described my mug blown up to 6 feet tall on the post movie theatre screen. I get to hear the stories only they can tell and know that our family's shipments of cigars, beef jerky and Tabasco Green Chili Pepper Sauce are greatly appreciated.
    (The wise men of modern thought) adore a god made of putty or of wax - plastic, effeminate, molluscous, with no masculine faculty about him, and no quality that entitles him to the respect of just and honest men, for a being who cannot be angry at wrongdoing is destitute of one of the essential virtues, and a moral Ruler who is not angry with the wicked, and who refuses to punish crime, is not divine. ---Spurgeon

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    May God bless all of our troops. The sacrifice they give is a true testament to the power of our American troops and all who "Volunteered" to be over there. (our allies).
    Hoist a beer and think of them often and pray for their safe return.
    I think I will watch all the football games today..... just for them!
    Silent Service........ Death From Below!

    Somewhere in Kansas, a town found a village idiot!

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    They make Sunday's possible. Freedom

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