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    Pro Plumber help with Moen

    I have Moen faucets through out the house, all are original, twenty years old. They have the brass cartridge, that I like because it only takes 20 minutes to pullout, clean, and new "O" rings. So I want to keep that brand. I've bought three kitchen faucets, going to have to buy the fourth one. The original was deeply scratched, and the builder, not the plumber replaced it. Are there different grades to these faucets? Are the ones at the big box stores just made cheaply? Any recommendation on a new Moen? Rest of house is fitted with the Chateau models.
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    I don't think the big box stores carry a lower grade of fixture. But, stuff made 35 years ago was probably made in the US, and the stuff for sale now probably is not. I'm sure there are exceptions. A lot of Kohler stuff is still US made.

    I'm not a plumber, but I did spend a summer working for one.

    One thing I CAN tell you is to buy the OEM faucet cartridges when they are available. I tried an off-brand cart for a Moen, and it leaked. I bought the OE Moen part, and it was like night and day. Not a drop when off, and smooth operation.
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