You know i just dont understand a lot of things. And maybe somethings in life are better left unexplained, but i still cant help but wonder about them. Like for instance, why do people always want what the cant, or even shouldnt have? It's like these people that live in govt housing with 5 kids by five different dads but yet she's gonna get pregnant again. she cant afford the ones she has but yet she wants more. Medicaid will pay for you to get fixed damnit do it stop making everyone else support your kids. Another thing i dont understand is why do some people feel they oh the minorities in this country an apology. I aint never been or owned any slaves. My family back as far as my great grandpas hasnt ever owned any. But my great grandpa was a sharecropper. he had to grow someone else's garden work it and maintain it just to eat. so where's my apology. you may say you dont deserve one that was your great grandpa. And that's exactly my point. There aint nobody alive today that was ever a slave here in the good ole us of a. Maybe im just looking for something to ***** about i dont know but im just sick and tired of whiners. I also dont understand how people want something but they want other people to get it for them. they want you to go to do all the work planning and otherwise but yet when it comes time for it too all pay off they want the credit. i just dont understand that.